Robbie Gallagher is a Senior Product Security Manager with Atlassian, and has spent the past ten years helping companies build secure software as a consultant, engineer, and manager. Meet with Robbie
Teja Myneedu is a Senior Engineering Manager in Product Security at Splunk. Teja has over 12 years of experience leading security architecture, assurance, and SDLC security at various tech and non-tech companies. Meet with Teja
Yash Kosaraju is the Head of Security, Compliance, and IT at SendBird and has been in the security industry for almost a decade working in a variety of roles from consulting to being a part of the security team at small and large tech companies. Meet with Yash
Eugene Kogan is the Chief Security Officer for an investment firm in southern California. Over the past two decades he has worked on infrastructure and product security at startups, large tech companies, and US federal agencies. Meet with Eugene
Bryan Solari handles business development for the west coast at AppOmni, and has spent the past ten years helping technology companies organize their application and cloud security programs. Bryan helps security sales & marketing people improve their security knowledge and understanding. Meet with Bryan
Arpita Biswas is currently at Databricks, helping secure the data ecosystem. For the last decade, her expertise has been in building large scale security detection infrastructure, incident response, cloud security, security operations, and security architecture. She has worked in startups, FAANGs, and cybersecurity companies. Meet with Arpita